Shooters is the film making project of Spirit Aid. Shooters is run by a small team who have been working together since 2009. The combined knowledge, skills and experience the team have developed, makes them a driving force in Glasgow’s independent film scene and has seen Shooters grow in stature year on year. The spirit which they bring to each project is nothing short of amazing, with their empathetic, fun-orientated but at the same time professional and ethical manner of working.

Meet The Shooters Team

Moe Abutoq

After completing his HND in Film and Television, Moe has been a valuable member of the shooters team, making over 30 issue based short films. His past experiences include filming, directing and producing, including the feature film ‘Wasted’ and various documentaries, some of which have covered delicate issues such as disability and heroin addiction. Moe has also co-directed several episodes of the award winning Scottish drama ‘River City’. Most recently he has been making a short film working alongside the inmates of Barlinnie Prison.

In 2012 he was brought on board by ‘Raindog’ to mentor 3rd year acting students at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for ‘acting for camera’ workshops and numerous summer schools for acting with international students. As a filmmaker, the experience and knowledge that Moe has acquired throughout the years has made him a beneficial member of any production.

David Hayman Jnr

Since completing a short media course in 2004, David has been involved in film and television ever since. Working as a mentor in Shooters. He has also produced over 30 short films.

Directing credits include ‘The Corkscrew Road’ (Short Film), Co-directed 5 episodes of ‘River City’ (Television), ‘Damage Done’ (BBC Documentary), ‘The Ushers’ (Theatre) and feature films ‘Wasted’ and ‘Time’. David has also worked as an assistant editor for La Plante productions in London, gaining valuable experience on shows including ‘Trial and Retribution’ and ‘The Commander’. With over 10 years experience in the industry, David has gathered skills in just about every department to make him an all-round filmmaker.

Fraz Raheem

Since completing an HND in Television Operations and Productions at the Glasgow Metropolitan College in 2006, Fraz has been working as a mentor in Shooters. He has been a Director of Photography on over 30 short films and Documentaries. DOP credits include ‘The Corkscrew Road’ (short film), ‘Water of Life’ (short film) and ‘Damage Done’ (BBC Documentary). He has worked as a documentary cameraman for the Spirit Aid filming their overseas projects in the Townships of South Africa and bush communities of Malawi. He was also the very first person in Scotland to receive the ‘Young Scot of The Year Award’ in 2006 as well as winning the ‘Cultural Diversity Award’ that same year.