Spirit Aid Policy on Equality and Diversity

Spirit Aid is a humanitarian organisation that is committed to extending active compassion, kindness, benevolence and support, to all human beings.

The goods, facilities and services that Spirit Aid provides access to through our projects and humanitarian activities are designed to meet the self-determined needs of community partners who engage with us; and to assist them to live in a safer, fairer and healthier environment.

Spirit Aid recognises the benefits of having a diverse workforce within our organisation. That ethos is reflected in the project leaders and workers engaged with the different projects and communities that work with.

Everyone involved with Spirit Aid, including all staff, volunteers, ‘Friends of Spirit’ and those who make use of our projects and the services we provide, will be treated fairly, with dignity and with respect.

The contributions people make to the work of Spirit Aid, and the needs and aspirations of our service users will be valued. Personal safety and the conditions in which people involved with Spirit Aid work in, are important considerations at all times.

Spirit Aid is cognisant of the statutory requirements and duties laid down by the Equality Act 2010 and will ensure compliance with the Code of Practice on Services, Public Functions and Associations.

As a Registered Charity, Spirit Aid will obey the rules and regulations set out in charity law.

Spirit Aid will engage and consult with volunteers, staff, partners, representatives of community organisations and those with protected characteristics, to build confidence in the work we do for the public good; and to promote sustainability in the goods, values and services we provide.